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I am always looking to buy cased fish! I am now 50 years old and bought my first case in 1973 and only wish now that my pocket money in those days had allowed me to buy more at the time. Quite what drove me to feel the need to collect cases at such an early stage is beyond me however I would also like to thank my parents for allowing me such latitude-in today’s society I have no doubt I would be diagnosed as suffering from some unpronounceable ailment!  
These days my wife also deserves my thanks for her understanding of my ever expanding collection, fortunately she enjoys especially the oil paintings of Rolfe and others so I am always interested in seeing and buying oils although this is not the mainline addiction. The joy of cased fish is that there is no end of areas that can be collected: 
A taxidermist, the country was full of local taxidermists in the 1800s yet a few have stood the test of time with J. Cooper & Sons, W.Homer, Anstiss, Sanders and Griggs probably being the best known names spanning just over 100 years from mid 1800s to the early 1960s; A species of fish | A style of case | The biggest fish 

Don’t want to sell but want some more information? 

In addition there is no list of fish set up or prepared by the taxidermists so unknown fish continue to surface over the years and so the excitement for a collector will always remain. As such, if you have a cased fish and don’t want to sell but want some more information please contact me, if you are interested in selling of course I will always welcome the chance to talk. Even if the case has lost the glass or is in poor condition it may not be the most valuable however I’ll always be interested-I’m pleased to say that most fish set up by the well known taxidermists will last for centuries if displayed and stored carefully over the years. 

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